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It’s motor install day.  I’ve cut off the tips of my rudders and after running the motor power cables up inside them I am fabricating the mounting brackets.

The first prototype will use lower powered 12v motors as that fits all the battery bank, charging, and monitoring equipment currently installed on the boat. Subsequent ones will be 24v or 36v.

During phase 1, we will use stock off the shelf props which have a much lower pitch than is optimum.

Phase 2 will add our custom designed higher pitch feathering props which will give us a performance increase as well as feather when sailing.

The Green Project

RudderProp is a company bringing clean, quiet, efficient electric power to small sailboats using our patent pending design.

Our test bed is “Allegro”, a 26′ powersailer that currently sports a 90 horsepower two cycle outboard engine. Her propulsion system will be converted to a plugin hybrid configuration. Propulsion will be direct drive electric using our innovative rudder integration design. A range of 2 hours will be available in ‘electric only’ mode, additional range will be provided by an on board 12v gas generator that is much more efficient than the big gas outboard. “Allegro’s” 24 gallon fuel tank will now provide almost ten times the range previously possible with the big outboard.

Follow this blog as I make the switch to the revolutionary “RudderProp” system that integrates electric power into any small sailboat's rudder.

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