We got back last weekend from a two week trip out on the boat.  While the trip was a pleasure cruise, and we still only have the stock props on the motors, we still found the electric propulsion very useful a number of times.

On our way across the Puget Sound to the Bluewater Yachts rendezvous in Port Orchard, we had just exited the locks and headed SW at the Shilshole buoy.  Somehow the fuel line accidentally got kicked loose from the fuel tank and the main engine died.   In the course of trying to restart I ended up flooding the motor.   Knowing I needed to let it sit for 10 minutes and with the wind blowing us toward the shallows of West Point, I dropped the two rudders and cranked up the electric motors.  We cruised quietly along down to the West Point buoy where we were then able to restart the main motor and resume our 13 knot cruise to Port Orchard.

I found the electric propulsion quite handy throughout the trip when we wanted a little more push with the sails up but didn’t want to go to the trouble of lowering and starting the main engine.  A week or so later we were out for an afternoon sail with some friends in very light air.   There were a number of times I used the electric motors to supplement the sails when we needed to point higher, or in some way maneuver to avoid traffic in a way that would have been difficult under sail alone.

Coming back into the locks with just one of my sons aboard as crew, I found the electric motor very useful in supplementing the main motor.   Initially we were directed to the right side wall of the small locks.  As we got closed the lockmaster decided to squeeze us in the middle between two boats already on the walls.  There was only about 8’6″ of space between the two boats. We actually had to compress the fenders as we slid in.   Rather than try and creep into this small gap with lots of shifting of the main engine I simply used the electric motors to silently guide us cleanly into this tight spot.  Having the twin screws enhanced the handling of the boat as well.

Once I get the different props made for the electric system so we get 6 knots instead of 3.5 it is going to be an even great addition to the boat.