After crunching some numbers from our first trip on the water, the efficiency increase for “Allegro” is quite amazing.

We start by rounding down to 3 mph for the average cruising speed achieved with our inefficient stock props.  Cruising at this speed required 60 amps of 12v power.  The 12v generator we have paired with this system produces 80 amps of power from it’s Honda 2.8 HP GX100 motor, more than enough to power both motors.  Producing this amount of power it runs for 4 hours on .2 gallons of fuel.  At 3 mph for 4 hours we would cover 12 miles on .2 gallons of fuel.  On one gallon of fuel we can run for 20 hours covering 60 miles.  With the 24 gallons on board we have a range of 1,440 miles.

This is a staggering increase in efficiency over the current gas outboard.  At 3 mph, just above idle speed it gets just 8 miles per gallon for a range of 192 miles.

As we add our custom designed higher pitch feathering props to the prototype we expect to raise top end speed closer to 5 knots yet still stay under the 80 amps produced by the 12v generator.  This will increase our range even further.